About us

DIPLOSTOCK is the first Belgian, European platform that connects dealers (diplomatic sales), VIP owners and buyers (diplomats and foreign officials based in Brussels) for the acquisition of executive cars. It is therefore a site that strives to provide its users with an easy and reliable way to connect with each other. Search engine is free to use and potential buyers do not commit to anything in using it

The vehicles on offer on DIPLOSTOCK come from authorized distributors and are solely for sale via the belgian distribution network. There is no financial transaction on DIPLOSTOCK and all available cars come directly from authorized dealers or distributors. No advance payment or deposit is required on DIPLOSTOCK. The payment  will be made directly in dealership so not on the diplostock website.

DIPLOSTOCK is a site of Brusselsroads and Worldroads, Belgian media groups and studios based in Brussels, specialists in high-end and mobility scenarios since 2011.

What are the advantages of DIPLOSTOCK?

- The best price for your executive car or new or in stock

- The immediate availability of the car if it is in stock

- Free advice from Brusselsroads' experts who have already tested all kinds of cars and models both recent and old

- The offer of trusted Belgian dealers, approved by world brands and known manufacturers

- The guarantee to finalize the purchase in dealership and to also benefit from their range or financing