Why search for a car on DIPLOSTOCK?

DIPLOSTOCK offers the widest choice of Belgian, new, and stock cars for a public exclusively composed of diplomats, officials of international institutions in Brussels as well as VIPs. DIPLOSTOCK via its "media" and "production" branches has been working for a decade with most of the world's premium manufacturers. The target audience receives free of charge and mail-in envelopes distributed by " La Poste" 3500 copies of our magazine La Feuille Diplomatique, as well as weekly links of news, news and very specific videos related to the automobile sector, from our three websites,,,



DIPLOSTOCK is a site of Brusselsroads, a media platform created in 2010 exclusively dedicated to the luxury automobile sector and mobility scenarios. It publishes up-to-the-minute news as well as exclusive brands, tests and news. Brusselsroads is publisher of the magazine La Feuille Diplomatique, the only Belgian editorial tool specially dedicated to the top-of-the-range automobile news and which is exclusively conceived for the diplomatic circles and institutions but also companies and the business world. The magazine, bimonthly and bilingual (French-English), offers exclusive essays, analyzes and interviews through sections such as Les Trajets (automobile testing and decoding), Au Féminin (the automobile according to women), Le Sport ( spotlight on the vitamin versions), the Salons and finally Les Dépêches (exclusivity of the automobile news).


Why is the proposed service unique?

DIPLOSTOCK also benefits from the reputation of Worldroads, the international branch of Brusselsroads (its parent company), which is responsible for the production of specific audiovisual content via its studios and partners in Europe and the United States, television programs devoted exclusively to the sector. automobile. With several collaborators who travel mainly the salons of Detroit, Brussels, Geneva, Paris, Frankfurt, Los Angeles Beijing and Tokyo. Worldroads and Brusselsroads organize together at each biennale, their exhibition which questions the role of the car in today's mobility.


What are the advantages of DIPLOSTOCK?

- The best price for your executive car or new in stock

- The immediate availability of the car if it is in stock

- Free expert advice from Brusselsroads experts who have already tested all kinds of cars and models both recent and old

- The offer of Belgian dealers of trust and approved by global brands and manufacturers

- The guarantee of finalizing the purchase in concession



By inviting professionals from your network to join DIPLOSTOCK, you can live (you and those invited) live journeys and tests during Brusselsroads tests. You will also receive for free for one year, the bimonthly La Feuille Diplomatique published by Brusselsroads.

For the dealers, any new affiliation of another concession recommended by you gives the right to the free banner of a car during 2 months on the sites and